Monday, November 15, 2010

Life Lesson 301: Humidifiers

Memo to myself:
Get your humidifiers ready to go by November 1st. Otherwise you'll endure several days of nearly sleepless nights in a row 2 weeks later before you figure out why you have insomnia. Yes, you're "really quick" at figuring this things out. Have fun at work today!

PS: Clean out your humidifiers in March next year. Seriously, that humidifier is gross.

PPS: Hopefully 4AM "impulse" purchases work well and you'll be sleeping well Tuesday night!

PPPS: To paraphrase Ron Howard, "You're really getting life lessons all over the place this week."


SJ said...

But...don't you live in a really humid place? What does the humidifier do?

deidra said...

We have that humidifier. It's great, except for when I crank it up and it gurgles. My nephews have the Crane frog one, but we thought maybe we were a little too old for that, although I don't think it gurgles like this one does!

Sherpa said...

Sarah-I live in a humid place, but the rh here is pretty low in the winter. Enough so, that I need a humidifier or I get sinus infections all winter long-just like I would in Utah.

Sherpa said...

Hi Diedra-It came yesterday and the design is so much better than my Vick's humidifier. I'm looking forward to easier maintenance. Yeah, it does gurgle-I noticed that.