Monday, November 22, 2010

"That's not a she, that's a Snoopy!"*

Today was quite the day. I drove to the Doctor’s office, “negotiated” the amount of prednisone I’m on with my Doctor (we like him, but I think he won the negotiation), drove my breathless self to work and worked about 4 hours. Then I navigated back home in rush hour(I’m a tourist when it comes to DC rush hour traffic and stopped in to CVS. As I was leaving, I saw this little guy below. I’m not much for stuffed animals but Snoopy dressed up like a shepherd? I thought it was the perfect Christmas decoration for my office. As I was checking out, the gentleman at the cashier held up Snoopy and asked if he could put her into a bag. Androgynous Snoopy “Little Shepherd” doll, I think I like you a little more now.



Paul said...

Love Snoopy the shepherd. Now you need some sheep. Or - how about a complete Nativity scene in "Snoopy style"?

Sherpa said...

Mom, I'm pretty sure Snoopy is the shepherd in Charlie Brown's Christmas.