Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving was nice. I needed to go to the office to pick up my phone and ipod so I meandered my way into the city. I stopped at Old Navy to check out their Black Friday sale and was completely impressed by their customer service. I felt sorry the Old Navy staff had to work, but they definitely weren't surly about it. Then it was a stop at the grocery store and into the city in about 10 minutes maybe (I live 6 miles from my office). After marveling at how many people were saying hi to Lincoln on Thanksgiving morning, I spent a few minutes in the office and was back home. Later in the day, I hit a wall and wasn't sure about going over to a friend's house. I ended up "crashing" (I was invited, but hadn't rsvp'd) a T-day dinner. Dinner was lovely and all in all a nice day. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

At Thanksgiving dinner, we found that one of the girls at our table is a superstar! Check it out!

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