Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Golden God and Friends plus Mississippi!

Occasionally I'll find myself really looking forward to something. When that happens, I often find myself disappointed. The movie, album, or concert just doesn't live up to my expectations. However, occasionally I find something that exceeds my lofty expectations and it makes those expectations worth it.
Last week, I attended a Robert Plant + Friends concert which defied expectations. Seriously great show.
The show started with "The North Mississippi All-Stars" opening. They were spectacular. I haven't seen an opening act that good in several years. By their last couple of numbers, all of Constitution Hall was quiet which is a rarity in opening acts.

Then, Robert Plant and the Band of Joy performed. They opened up with "Houses of the Holy" and it was amazing. Plant sounded great, Buddy Miller tore it up on lead guitar and Patti Griffin sounded great as backup vocals. The show proceeded with a couple of numbers from everyone, then each of the band members would perform a cover of a song. Patti Griffin sounds even better live than on her album (you can't say that of that many singers), Buddy Miller is just great and Darrell Scott amazed us all with his incredible voice. Then there's Robert Plant. His voice is still incredible and somehow he's retained his sex appeal. We were all swooning over Plant.

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chartie said...

ASt first, I saw that picture and thought it was Chad Kroeger that you were calling the Golden God. That I would not support.

Robert Plant I whole-heartedly support.