Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Single Ward Announcement

I haven't said too much on here about being single and LDS or talking about the 31-55 age Singles Ward (congregation) I used to be a member of. 

Before I continue, I really think the ward serves a purpose and will and continue to be an asset to the Stake I attend and the community.  The older singles do need activities and venues to meet each other which this ward does a good job of providing. 
Personally I met many great people in our older singles award that I'm lucky to count as friends.  However, I realized after 9 months that I personally need to be in a family ward which is why I went back.

For a long time I didn't e-mail about the singles community in the church for various reasons, but even though there's a personal need for me to show the LDS church in the best possible way, I think it's okay for me to publish the letter below...................

Dear Sisters,

I just wanted to let you know that we have had seven men move into the Pontiac* Ward in the last three weeks.   I am confident that all ward members will welcome these brethren into our ward family!

I am just trying to keep everyone posted on positive ward events.  (grin)


Bishop Jones*

*Name Change
(I didn't change the format however).



Brenda said...


erinannie said...

I think I would like that bishop.
(also, i gave the opening prayer in church on sunday. i nearly said thank you for people wise enough to allow women to pray. but i didn't.)

Sherpa said...

Erin-I think you and this bishop would get along.


Brenda-Oh yes. There's many, many more stories I have about this bishop. The purpose of the ward is to marry off the singles and he's very enthusiastic about it. No matter if his tactics raise my eyebrows, it's inspiring to see his enthusiam, focus and determination towards his goal...

Brenda said...

If he's that good at what he does, we could use him here in Utah. I'm sure a lot of stressed out mothers would appreciate his helping their daughters out.

Steve said...

I always picture women in the single wards like zombies (present company and MJ excluded); but instead of yelling "BRAINS" they come lurching at you with "FRESH MEAT" in their eyes! It was both awesome and terrifying at the same time!

Sherpa said...
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Sherpa said...

Brenda-He's got determination, that's for sure. ;)

Steve-I can't help but smiling a little at that description.

Salt H2O said...

I'm really surprised you didn't respond to his email with: Be still my beating heart- there is hope! I'm makin' BROWNIES!!!

SJ said...

It bugs me that we are in the church (culturally) taught as women that our worth is in getting married. That that is the most important thing and will complete us. It's ridiculous. Nevermind all the amazing, bright, beautiful women doing great things. It's this weird Jane Austen-esque idea that there is something tragic if you aren't married. How bout just living our lives and getting married if we want to and not rushing into it or trying to make it happen? How bout not worrying about that or pushing things and actually living our lives and enjoying it? You aren't told men and relationships are work. You are told you must get married and who you marry defines you. It's really sad. All those women feeling unfulfilled when they have so much to offer this world as human beings.

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Ann said...

This made me smile for sure. Glad you posted it!

NoSurfGirl said...

am I supposed to like the bishop or want to smack the grin off that email? I can't figure out which :D

Kipluck said...

Yeah, I just can't handle the "older" Singles Ward. I tried it, but I just... yeah. I am in a family ward right now.