Sunday, March 06, 2011

Random Thoughts

1) BYU Basketball: There's been non-stop talk about Brandon Davies for the past several days. My thoughts? How would it be to have your sins broadcast to the whole nation who can't seem to stop talking about it. Poor kid.

2) Charlie Sheen: Although it's temptingly easy to make Charlie Sheen jokes, the guy is mentally ill. Here's Craig Ferguson talking about why he's dropping Sheen jokes (I tweeted this last week, but still think it's great).

3) I already facebooked this, but I love it, so here you go:

Tom Hanks should make more comedies. Really, he's awesome.


Brenda said...

I had never considered that Charlie could be mentally ill. I've always chalked his behavior up to being drunk, drugged, immoral, and out of control, which in my book, is fair game to make fun of. But, it could all stem from mental illness.

Sherpa said...

It hasn't been confirmed that Sheen is mentally ill, but quite a few commentators have mentioned it. I do love the phrase "winning" though or "bi-winning" instead of bi-polar.