Saturday, April 30, 2011

Knitting in the Round: Spring Hat

Last weekend, I brought along a couple of balls of  Lion's Brand "Vanna's Choice" Worsted weight yarn to "Fat Camp."  Between playing and eating, I had plans to attempt to knit a hat with circular needles.  After several mis-attempts at starting the hat, I finally figured it out, and only made a few mistakes on the brim of the hat (they are on the other side).  I finished the stripes on the bus this week and think they turned out fine, but then I realized I had to use double pointed needles(dpns) on to shape the top of this beanie.  Well, I swallowed my fear, bought the needles and decided to finish the hat while babysitting a sleeping babe.  Mart, Whit, I may have used your computer to watch how to use dpns on youtube.  I more or less butchered the top, but managed to salvage the hat.  This knitting hat thing?  I kind of dig it.  I even might be ready to attempt the dpns again soon!

PS: This hat fits a 24-25 inch head.  Yeah, I kind of botched something pretty basic, but since I wasn't making it for anyone in particular, I'm not too worried about that.  I may just give this to the person with the biggest head I know.......  

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