Tuesday, April 05, 2011

These Two aren't the same Fruit. Really....


V said...

This post is quite interesting and funny but actually there is an explanation for the word pineapple.
When Spanish arrived to America, they found a new fruit and invented a name for it based on the resemblance of shape with the fruit of the pine. So in Spanish happens the same as in English, we don't use the indigenous word "ananas" but "piña", at least in Spain.
And, by the way, there is no word in classic latin for pineapple because in the time of romans it was unknown.

And, why do we use "plátano" in Spain (in South America use "banana")? I have no idea. Perhaps we take the word from ancient greek.

Have a nice day!

Steve said...

V - In French, especially here in Africa, we have both "banane" and "plantaine" (sp?) since they are two different fruits, just like in English. What do the Spainards call plantaines?

BTW, when I was first living in Germany, it only took one or two mistakes ordering "ananas" juice to realize I wasn't ordering what I thought! haha.