Monday, June 06, 2011

Here Lie Monsters

I really don't like starting my Monday morning with a personal reminder before 6:00 am that there's honest to goodness crazy monsters here in Northern Virginia.  Don't worry, I'm fine, Kelli is doing okay and on a plane to Hawaii this morning.  

Am I a bit jealous of her week in what is safely assumed in the Western World as paradise?  Who wouldn't be?  Am I a little jealous that she's going to the North Shore, and gets to gaze out at the Pipeline before me?  Maybe.  But that's alright. 
May she have a great time at the Polynesian Cultural Center, may she eat a whole pineapple in one sitting  and I'm hoping she gets a great shot of the LDS Hawaii Temple for me too. 

Besides, my body isn't at it's peak surfing and snorkeling capability.  Will it be when I go to Hawaii? 

Hecks yeah!*

Until then, I remind myself to be a supportive friend to my buddy who totally deserves another week in Paradise.  And get my stubborn lungs to peak swimming capability so I can actually be comfortable in the ocean when I learn to surf.


Now here's my kind of monster!
 *Kelli would be the first to remind me that this is a family-friendly blog as she reminded my friends that my (Galapagos) Boobies album is a family-friendly album a couple of days ago on Facebook.  Thanks Kell for that too.      

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