Thursday, March 15, 2012


I woke up yesterday with a rash on my leg.  I checked the bite when I arrived to work and noticed that it was oozing but didn't think much of it.  However, a little later I examined the leg a little more closely and marked the leg and went up to CVS to get a bottle of Benadryl Cream because the rash itched and burned.  Anyway, yesterday evening, I asked Kelli for some Benadryl and she asked to see the rash.  I showed her and found myself at Urgent Care a few minutes later.  Urgent Care had closed but the PA there told us to go to the 24 hour clinic or the ER last night.  We ended up at Kelli's ER and luckily left after about a hour with an antibiotic and outpatient instructions.  Turns out I the rash is actually infected and it's cellulitis.  The leg looks much better today, but it's even more sore, achy and hurts to walk on today so I stayed home from work.  I'm sure I'll be to work tomorrow.  


Brenda said...

Meg had this once. The redness kept spreading beyond the markings, so they were pretty aggressive with the antibiotics. I'm glad you showed it to Kelli! It's always awesome to have a nurse in the house.

Nicole Heiner said...

how many lives do you owe to kelli by now? i don't think you guys can ever stop being roommates!

Joy Buhler said...

Brenda-I now remember that Meg had it. Yeah, it's amazing how fast it spreads. Luckily the antibiotics is knocking mine back.
Nicole-Several, that's for sure.