Sunday, May 06, 2012


I've spent the last 5 weeks in Utah with my parents.

While there I:
held (my niece);
kept a secret from my mom;*
attended two graveside services;
regretted I didn't let my brother show me how to knife (an oyster);
teach the other niece how to eat berries obnoxiously;
caught up with a friend from high school;
rode bikes;
was invited to Nicaragua next year;
rode 2k miles in a car;
ate at the Ranchhand for the 3rd time in 6th months;
realized that my parents watch at least one sport every night (many nights two);
played Ligretto with old friends;
introduced a dog to a little boy who kept saying, "meow";
teased my other brother;
had one-on one time with my sister-in-law; and

many other now memories.

The secret? After work I wandered outside to help my dad with the garden.  While I prepared soil for his greenhouse he came over to me saying, "I don't have the seeds."  He set them down in a plastic bag and couldn't find them.  We looked for them for several minutes but because it was so windy we thought they could easily be halfway across the valley. I was then sworn to secrecy.  Well, he found them a few days ago in the window well and the seeds are now seedlings in the greenhouse.

Steven Knifing Oysters at Hood Canal


Nicole Heiner said...

did you edit the steven pic b/c it looks like he was photoshopped in for some reason. hmm. thanks for the memories! we love you!

Joy Buhler said...

Yes, he does kind of looks photoshopped into this picture. Yes, I was messing around with Picasa on Sunday with this picture and decided to post it online.

steveb said...

Its shucked. You shuck an Oyster, not knifed. But, I like knifed sounds cooler.