Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Aaron Sorkin has a new television show out and unfortunately the reviews are abysmal. That being said, because Sorkin has a new television show out, there's been a lot of press out on his work (which I always like reading. One of my favorite pieces this go-round is this article by David Haglund.

Then there's this YouTube video of recycled dialogue and phrases Aaron Sorkin has used over the years that's fun to watch.     


Jules said...

YES! Love the clip! Thanks for sharing it.

I offered to pay my parents the cost of an HBO subscription to their cable package so I can watch The Newsroom on HBOGO. They're still on the fence about it. I have a blind spot for Aaron Sorkin. Just love him.

Erin McBride said...

You know we share the Sorkin love.
And you know I love this clip!
Funny part? Last night I needed to clear my head so I watched 4 eps of "Sports Night."
But I admit that was more about my Josh Charles love. He needs to do more Sorkin. He was good at it.
ooh, Sorkin should write an ep of "The Good Wife." That is a team-up I would kill to see!

(and "not for nothing" may i just say your captcha is hands-down the most complicated i have ever seen!)