Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh Hello. Again.

So, I'm back. Maybe.  Anyway, as my last post stated, I've been sick since the second week of August.  I had a window of healthiness of about 10 days where I was able to ride the 2012 Seagull (Metric) Century and chauffeur my parents around New England.

However, my dad was starting to get sick during that trip and shared his cold with me too.  Luckily, I had a doctor's appointment the following week. Turns out I do have a deviated septum which is partially why I keep getting sinus infection after sinus infection.

Now after my second round of antibiotics in less than two months, I'm feeling better and can start thinking about important things, like what I want to post on this blog and how to stay healthy so I can have outpatient sinus surgery sometime in the next couple of months.   

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Brenda said...

I miss your posts! Hope you kick the bug.