Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dessert Overlord

Up until last week, the only thing I ever wanted to be a (benign) dictator of was my own bookclub.  Other than that, I'm pretty much a big believer in democracy in almost all aspects of my life.

However, late last week I was appointed Cranberry Sauce and Dessert "overlord "of Thanksgiving Dinner.  At first I was skeptical, but now I see many possibilities regarding this.  Cranberry Sauce?  We have reason to believe many of the people at our table may not ever have had cranberry sauce at their Thanksgiving Dinner so I'm thinking of either serving basic cranberry sauce (maybe with orange, haven't decided) or making two 1/2 batches of cranberry sauce. One traditional and the other with jalapeno.

As far as dessert goes: I haven't quite narrowed down what I want to do.  I could do the Mrs. Smith and Dairy Godmother route.  I could be mean and offer my guests hot tamales and chocolate bars as desserts, but I don't think they would ever let me forget that.  I'm guessing I'll do a traditional pumpkin pie, a not traditional pie and then maybe something else as surprise..but I'm not sure what.


Erin McBride said...

Wait! Jalapeno in cranberry sauce? I'm going to need to know more.

Anonymous said...

What about Richard's favorite -
Dutch Apple (Sara Lee or Marie