Friday, November 09, 2012

Vermont Roundys

Last month I picked up my parents in Philadelphia and we spent a week driving around New England.  Our first stop was to visit Rockingham, Vermont where her great-great-great grandfather, Shadrach Roundy was born and lived until he was fifteen.  None of us had ever been to Vermont and we were impressed with the state.  Here's a couple of pictures my dad took in Rockingham.

We spent quite a bit of time in the cemetery looking for Roundy headstones.  Uriah Roundy, Shadrach's father, was buried in this cemetery, but we couldn't find the gravestone.  We think his family didn't have enough money for a slate gravestone so his grave is no longer marked.  There's a gap next to the headstone below where Uriah may be buried.

Captain John Roundy-He's a Revolutionary War Veteran. I believe this is Uriah's brother, but FamilySearch hasn't been cleaned up to tell for certain.  

The Meetinghouse in Rockingham, Vermont.  Shadrach and his family attended this building.  It's on the Historical Register.


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