Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hope Springs: A Mini Review

Last week I sat down to watch Hope Springs with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep.  I went into the film knowing I wasn't the target demographic for the movie, except for my life-long love of both actors.  The film is about an older couple whose relationship isn't doing well and they go see a therapist (played by Steve Carell).  Well, the script of the film was mediocre, the title of the film lazy, the cinematography was okay, Tommy Lee was solid, and Steve Carell played the part he always plays when he isn't in Anchorman.  But Meryl?  Meryl was amazing as always.  She's in-arguably (really, I think Daniel Day Lewis would agree) the best actor alive and she elevated the role of the frustrated housewife.  But as far as watching it?  If you are a Meryl Streep fan, then yes, go watch this film.

Hope Springs

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