Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Blind Julia Roberts

My morning bus attracts a lot of different characters.  There's the regular blue and white collar folks who ride to work but we also get the occasional homeless person and the day laborers who aren't that far from being homeless and aren't part of the regular bus crowd.  These guys are functional but smell, look and act like alcoholics.  Today one of these "fuctional" alcoholics boarded the bus when I was already sitting down (in the handicapped section).  I had my sunglasses on because the sun was right in my eye.  The next thing I know this guy is having a one sided conversation with himself.  Well, with me, but it was one-sided because I couldn't see him (the glasses) and I decided not to engage him in conversation.
 He asked me if I was blind and then when I didn't respond he started talking to me about blind people.  He then started hitting on me by telling me that my hair looks like Julia Roberts, but I couldn't see it because I was blind.  The Hispanic ladies next to me started giggling because they could understand part of the conversation and realized I wasn't blind.  I then realized I had to get off the bus before this guy, but he was hitting on one of the other women on the bus when I got to my bus stop.