Friday, November 08, 2013

Movember Fails

As many of you know, November, is the month that many men wear mustaches and raise money for cancer research.  Well, although I'm a fan of Movember, I'd like to state the following.  A goatee is not a mustache.  I've known several individuals who proudly post photos of their mustaches when in reality.....its actually a goatee.

Case in point:  Brad Pitt looks pretty good here, but that's a goatee.  Not a mustache.

Brad Pitt with Goatee
Tom Selleck with Mustache

As much as a fan I am of Tom Selleck's mustache.........unless you are Nick Offerman, Sam Elliott, or Tom Selleck, a mustache takes a little bit of sacrifice.  A goatee usually does not.  So on that note..... HAPPY MOVEMBER!!

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Putz said...

two things i want to say to you this time of year, actually four<><<>i know a fellow mormon like you know how to go home during the holidays and enjoy christmas with family, 2<><>i have seen all your france pictures and astoundingly i jhave actually been to most of those places<><>of course i was there in 1963 to 1970 and yes that was a long time ago, and 3 i have always enjoyed your polotics<><>nuff said