Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random Musings: Pneumatic Lungs (NOT MINE!!)

So, let's say you get home, notice your best friend aka roommate's car in the driveway and realize she didn't go to work.  You come into the apartment.  She tells you that she has pneumonia.  You Do a few chores, ask her for what she needs, and she keeps telling you that she's fine and has it under control.  She also tells you that her dad who was diagnosed with pneumonia last week is back to work.  She then says she has this under control even though her mother is worried about her and wants to come to DC and take of her.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure that no one is "fine" when they have pneumonia.  No. One.  But she sure made me chuckle.  Darn, stubborn, best friend.  I may still love her, but she's a stubborn one.

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