Friday, January 17, 2014

Song of the Day: Merry Go Round Kacey Musgraves

Although I grew up listening to country (and western) music and am a fan of much of Country Music's "old-guard," I stopped listening to Country Music when I was 14 (early nineties) for the most part.  Oh, I still heard a lot of country music around, but I pretty much gave up the genre. The quality of country music on the radio about that time went down a lot (and ironically the quality of rock went up about that time) and I just wasn't interested any more in country music on the radio.  That being said, I still follow the genre somewhat.  Several of my favorite song-writers have been covered by mainstream country artists (Bob Dylan, Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams),  in the past 10 years and quite a few of the artists I listen to would be considered "alt-country."  I'd go see Dolly Parton perform in a heart-beat and I listened to several George Jones singles non-stop the week after he died last year.  So, anyway, last year I started seeing more and more articles in the newspapers and magazines (NPR, New Yorker etc.)  about the women in country music so I clicked on the single below and wow......this artist pretty much summed up settling in a small town perfectly.  The lyrics, the melody, the word-play....if you get a chance, just listen!

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