Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Prince Amongst Men?

Last night I was watching “Friday Night Lights,” when I recognized the song in the opening minutes of the show. I think this was the first time the Heartless Bastards made it to prime time. I was excited to hear “All this time,” which is arguably the strongest song on their new cd. Don’t believe me? They’ll be at the IOTA in Arlington on November 14, at 9:00. Hopefully Erika Wennerstrom, the heart and soul of this Cleveland based group won’t be drunk like she was last week at a show. Seriously, the girl has way too much talent to be wasting it on booze. We’ll see in two weeks how she does. Kelli and I went to see the band in April and it was a seriously good time.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Halloween. I’ll probably be sitting at home, but the crazies come out after dark here and it’s probably not a great idea to be out on the roads. Speaking of Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos, Mayans in the village of Pomuch exhume their dead after they’ve been dead for three years and then every year after that clean the remains. Fascinating.

I’ve had this in my folder to blog for several days, but have neglected to talk about yet another fustrated mormon democratic trying to convince his fellow Utahans to vote Democratic. The thing about the article that got me was his tunnel vision (I could probably write a similar article using the scriptures and current issues justifying why Mormons should vote republican and I’m not much of a conservative). Seriously dude, trying to convince others that their religion is more one party than the other is lame. Read it, be amused, be angry, but vote a week from today…I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, I’ve got confidence that your smart enough to figure it out.


Steve said...

Well, I think it's plenty clear that Jesus would vote Dem. I mean, seriously, WWJD?!?! haha.

When I was in Colonial 2, I started an underground Democrat club and were bringing in other "cool" kids, hehe. FYI, Tessa Hafen, currently having a chance to win a House seat in Nevada, was one of my first recruits. :) MJ was/is a member, although not sure if I officially told her, it was THAT underground.

mj said...

steve: if only i had known. anyway i voted today and i feel pretty good about it. by the way, "sherpa," it's nice that you post so often cause when i decide to catch up there's a lot of f-un material.

mj said...

i give that article a "c" by the way.