Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sentence of the Day

"The interviewer, eager to make a point about the idiocy of popular music, has found these enthusiastic young women outside an Ashlee Simpson concert. He asks them if they are familiar with Bob Dylan. (At least a few of them aren’t.) He explains Mr. Dylan’s appeal, or tries to: “He used to inspire people to, like, drive to Washington and burn their bras.” Apparently Ms. Simpson has no such incendiary effect. Case closed.

More news about the Dylan/Raconteurs concert (sherpa lovefest) I attended Friday next week.......


Anonymous said...

Oh, BELIEVE me, I've been WAITING to hear all of the details!!

Lucy Stern said...

I was a teenager during the sixties. I loved some of the music but I did not fit into the generation well. Bro. Stern was a huge Beattles fan and I suppose that is why Bonnie likes the Beattles so much. And yes, I know who Bob Dylan was..

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.