Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dear Diary

At the first of the year I made a goal to write in my journal daily. I failed miserably, but I did blog nearly every day this year. So today I decided to blog what would be an average journal entry.

Story #1
On Tuesday night I walked out of the Interior Dept Building in DC and headed to the Metro. I crossed the street, and cut through the park. In the corner of my eye I saw something running straight towards me. I instinctively froze, looked over and there was a rat "playing possum." Now, I don't know why I froze, it was probably the 20th time I've seen a rat since I moved here 5 years ago, but this was the first time I startled a rat. As soon as I regained my composure I moved on and so did the rat. The next day at the same exact place, a rat darted out towards me. The day after that I walked around the park.

Story #2
Yesterday I stopped by Trader Joes for a few groceries. Coming out of the parking lot a fully loaded, red, six-pack, short-bed chevy silverado pulls up next to me, and out gets an immaculately groomed guy with a handlebar mustache wearing wranglers, boots and a western shirt. I immediately check my surroundings because the parking lot of Trader Joe's in yuppie Northern Virginia isn't exactly the hotbed for cowboy types. As I get into my car, I look into the car, sure enough, tan leather upholstery and several "cowboy" decorations in the truck. For some reason, I walk to the back of the truck and see his license plate which reads, Cowboy Ted..and then I notice something a little out of the ordinary: a rainbow cowboy sticker. I've seen rainbow Texas stickers, but never a gay cowboy sticker. I turn around and smile as I get into my car.

Story #3
Yesterday, I was waiting to make a left onto Wilson over in Ballston on a very busy Glebe Road. The light was yellow, and since it was raining pretty hard and so congested, I decided to just wait for a green arrow. Well, a little Z pulled up in front of me and made the turn on a very red light. My jaw dropped a little but I shouldn't have been that surprised.

Story #4
I saw the Dr. again for the ankle. I've been prescribed an anti-inflammatory for the ankle, have been asked to not exercise except for swimming and stationary bike and will be going to PT 2-3 times for the next two weeks. I'm looking forward to PT. I'm a fan, and I'm also excited at the possibility of having a joint that doesn't give me so much grief as it has in the past 3 years. Woo hoo for finally healing up these ligaments!!


Hoo said...

The Gay cowboy was my favorite, but we all knew it would be.

aisy said...

seriously, i was laughing out loud on that one.