Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Revenge of Benjii

Even casual fans of Ryan Adams are aware of how prolific of a singer-songwriter the man is. I had heard of his latest musical foray several months ago, but figured if I ignored the fact that the Alt-Country icon was rapping, it wasn't true. However, when I heard his rapping skills were hillarious (Beck funny, not Fed-Ex funny) I decided to check it out. What I wasn't counting on was that there's 10 unreleased Albums on his web-page to listen to. Most of the songs are jokey demos with titles like Pink is NOT your color, Asteroids Suck etc etc. If you check it out, I'm warning you the language is R-rated, but my fave found under Werewolf (Shania Twain-Looks like you made it sung ala Marilyn Manson) is disturbing but not vulgar. Oh, and if you check it out, think Ryan has lost his mind, you're not alone.

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Anonymous said...

Rat's playing possum. At least you were in an open space. I'm sure the rats that sometimes claimed residency in our grainery were doing the same thing with me when I went to get grain for the chickens. That explains why a 10 minute job sometimes lasted an hour.