Friday, December 08, 2006


Okay, here's some more (mostly because these are a lot of fun to write) hints for those of you who didn't get the original hints

"Janis Joplin and I have something in common."

"I wrote the song the guy above me is most well known for. Well, not the National Anthem written by Mr. K. Wait. There's got to be some way out of here"

"Mushrooms, pot, and the IRS, oh my! I also wrote Patsy Cline's most popular song, years before you knew me as the red-headed stranger."


Hoo said...

I am so MAD that you got to switch to blogger beta. It's eating me up inside.

Sherpa said...

Well, I'm so happy I made the cut. But just for you, I'm mad too.

Seymour Glass said...

okay, wait a minute. the guy at the top is not most well known for his cover of lego folkie #2's song. i think you're misrepresenting history a little to try and help out those who don't know much of anything.

Shannon said...

I wish I had some extra money to buy you some of those lego men for Christmas. Someone should mention that to whoever has you in the secret santa gift exchange! ;)

Sherpa said...

Seymour, didn't you catch the national anthem reference? I gave the song almost everyone knows him for a big shout out. Not mis-representing history. Oh, and "Watch Tower is probably his second most famous song, but then these things are kind of subjective."