Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Christmas List

I wasn't going to do this on my blog because its a little self-indulgent as it is, but here goes.

1. Pettite to play for the Yankees. Oh wait, that's already going to happen. Now this is a nice early 30th Birthday present.

2. Ipod wall-charger. My nano needs a little wall-juice. Here's a few more links and this one too.

3. SNL Season One. Now this would be awesome.

4. Nacho Libre DVD. It's true. The movie is dumb, I love it.

5. Tortilla Press. I eat a lot of corn tortillas. I'd like to make my own, and this would help me do so.

6. A comal to go with the above. This griddle from Lodge? Pretty sweet.

7. The essential mormon cookbook. Because I'm trying a new trick to woo a husband. Funeral potatoes.

8. Classic Dylan. Blood on the Tracks for Piano. Yes, I'm asking for sheet music, Mom.

9. Camera ideas for Rich, who apparently is over losing his camera, and me, I'm over "losing" mine too, please. Personally, I like the Fuji's. If either of us get a camera, we probably should get a cheaper one considering our track records.


10. My pile of books is almost sky-high, thanks to Arlingon County Library .50 cent books, but I'd like some not fiction church books. Some real gospel doctrine to gnaw on please.


Guy Murray said...

That's a pretty good list--especially the Lodge griddle. Most anything by them is worth having. Nice new format too, it's easy on the eyes.

Sherpa said...

Thanks. Yeah, I love my Lodge skillets.

Thanks, I'm finally a "beta blogger." Woo hoo!

Aislinn said...
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aisy said...

i still have no clue what i want for christmas. i miss being a kid and having a huge list that was usually cheap

PS-Sorry I deleted my last comment.

Steve said...

Isn't having a blog already "self-indulgent" enough, hehe.

As for cameras, I highly recommend a Kodak, but the new ones seem to be not as good as a few models back.

Sherpa said...

Steve, yeah you're totally right. That's why I kind of said that a little tongue in cheek.

My first camera was a kodak. It was alright. I really liked my two fuji's (the first one broke in May during the "pulley" incident, and the second one was swiped from my house in September) and I still have a memory card for them. Olympus or Nikon would be cool. Really, I just want something fairly cheap so if the dog kicks it out of my pocket and it lands on a rock, or if a thief decides to target the house again, I won't be crushed forever.

Bonfire said...

Let me know if the cookbook helps you woo a husband. Then I'll get one too ;)

Get a Canon Powershot for your camera. I dont suggest an Olympus. I used to have one and all of my pictures got a nice blue tint to them. When I bought my Canon the salesman told me that Olympus uses Plastic lenses. I never checked it out to see if it was true, but I just knew that I hated taking blue pictures.