Monday, January 29, 2007

10 Dating Rules

This list has actually been a long time coming. Its not really a rant, but I guess a few could take it as such. Its not hardfast, just a few jots really... Oh, and I'm not angry or fustrated with the opposite sex in general or one individual in particular. This has nothing to do with my lack or surplus of dates.

Anyway here goes:

10) I'm boring, I'd like to learn about you. Saying that, I don't want to feel objectified. I was in a relationship that lasted on/off for two years and I don't think he knew how many siblings I had and he met them!

9) I've liked the same type of guy since I was 12. I'm not married, so obviously it hasn't really worked for me. I'm open to date "other types." Time and time again, I see friends and people around me expect to date a certain "type" but not have the same characteristics. If I want someone who is athletic and fit and healthy, I should try and have those same lifestyle commitments. People aren't types. People aren't objects. We're all God's Children.

8) As cool as the other person is, I know you have a life outside of me. That's totally fine.

7) I really like books, movies and music. I'd love to hear what your interests are. Reading, listening and watching each other favs? Totally cool.

6) So, we may have different interests. Even if you think my beloved yankees are the evil empire. Not a deal breaker.

5) flowers are nice, but they aren't necessary.

4) I'm 30 and single. The danger of being 30 and single is being so self-involved. Let me do things to show that I like you, that I care.

3) Relationships are hard. Open Communication is vital. Be patient with me.

2) Be honest. Honesty may be brutal sometimes, but its better to do so.

1) Ask me out!! I like dating. I don't see it as a commitment, ask me out and I'll do what I can to make sure you have a good time. bring a 50/50 effort to the table, and we'll have fun!


Lucy Stern said...

Bonnie's 28 and still single...She has lots of dates but it is hard for her working on the road all the time....Some of the guys she has really liked just aren't interested in marriage. They have gone thru school, found their great job and are having fun being single...

I wish you and all the girls in your boat well....

Kipluck said...

Chica, I would SO date you... if, you know, if I was a boy. Or you were a boy and I wasn't dating Fresno, because, well, he is a boy and gets me and that is an anomaly to take advantage of when it pops up.

But those are some very reasonable rules, I think. I concur.

erinannie said...

My List-
1. Don't be afraid of who you are. Show me the best of you. Show me what a great person you are.

2. There's nothing wrong with building a good solid friendship.

3. Understand that I need my space, and I'll understand that you need yours.

4. All I ask for is honesty in everything.

5. I don't need to have "discuss the relationship" talks. But let's be upfront about what we want from each other. It makes things easier down the road.

6. Sometimes dinner is just dinner, and sometimes we just want a companion to talk to while we eat.

7. Laugh with me and I'll laugh with you.

8. Afraid we have nothing in common? Let's try something new together.

9. I like kissing, so you better, too!

10. Give me your list of dating wants and needs so I can be there for you too.

11. This list is liable to change at any given time. Be prepared.

Dainon said...

I like these lists. They seem so common sense to me, I may as well be saying them. Perhaps age has given me a new perspective in life (or perspective, period). And still being single, evaluating why I am, then going about my merry way changing my patterns and such. All good things, really.

Jenn said...

By the time you hit your 40's the list dwindles to:
1. employed
2. doesn't live with his mother
Bleak out there isn't it/