Tuesday, January 30, 2007

7 weird things about me

Nosurf tagged me last week and I haven't gotten around to post yet. Here's my list:

7) I can't close my left eye by itself. My mom and brother have the same problem, but my mom who is left handed can't close her left eye. My brother who is right eyed, can't close his right eyed. I'm right handed, and yet I can't close my left eye.

6) I can't sleep without socks. True story. I try in the summer, and I end up tossing and turning all night. One of the first things I pack when I go somewhere overnight (no matter the season) is a pair of socks to sleep This quirk started when I was 18 and went night skiing wearing only a thin pair of socks...and my feet hurt a month afterwards, and I've had problems keeping them warm since.

5) I have never liked Tom Petty. As a little kid when he came out and all the other little kids were singing, "free-fallin"...I thought he sucked. Odd considering the music I listen to the most.

4) I've never been to New Mexico.

3) My right thumb is swollen to an inch of its life right now from deseeding and cutting up jalapeƱos. True story. (written on Saturday) Now, the thumb is still tender, but thanks to epsom salts (and not to my mom's suggestion of lancing it) I don't yelp when I bang it against something. You'd be surprised how much you bang your thumb through the course of a day.

2) I came down with the chicken pox when I was 12 at girls camp. I still have a small scar on my face.

1) I never took dance lessons as a kid. I kind of wish I could've taken tap, but I was too busy playing sports, and piano etc.


Steve said...

Socks in bed and not liking Tom Petty. My dreams are crushed, ha.

Krispy said...

I feel old that you were a "little kid" when "Free-fallin'" came out. That's why you don't like him. You weren't around for the good stuff like "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (with Stevie Nicks), "Don't Come Around Here No More" (my favorite video from the 80's), and "You Got Lucky." He pretty much went downhill from there.

Kipluck said...

My fingers swell like that from cleansers! and they get hit ALL the time, you just never think so!

Sherpa said...

I'm not that much younger than you.

Eww--I remember the good stuff. Horrible!

Pretty much every song he's every done makes my skin crawl. I did like "square one" for about a year, and last month I realized it made my skin crawl too.

Sherpa said...

cleansers make your fingers infected? Maybe you should lay back from the cleansers.

NoSurfGirl said...

SHERPA-- i'm glad I finally looked at this post.

I can't sleep without something covering me (preferrably down) even in the burning heat of summer. I understand.

Oh and I have to cover my ears, too.