Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Craftster Swap

I signed up for a swap on Craftster a couple of months ago. It was a reading rainbow swap, and since I'm always being told that I read too much (only by my grandmother), I signed up. I sent off some needlework and the book "birdsong" and received these lovely gifts from "skitterflex." She sent me the book "A streetcar named desire," which I've wanted to read for a while--an ascot and two little knitted characters that have lavender and spices in their bottoms and can be heated up in the microwave. Anyway, it was a fun swap.The giraffe Nick sent me a few years ago modeling the ascot and a little Stella and Stanley.


Guy Murray said...

Ah, the mascot with the ascot. . . very sheek!

SJ said...

you and your crafty woman ways!

j/k-muey impressivo! (that's spanish for "good job, dude")

cew-smoke said...

Complete and utter threadjack.


I know this is totally inappropriate to say, but you really intrigue me. I've read a lot of your comments elsewhere and you are so cheeky, but in a completely fun and irreverent way that I often find myself smiling at whatever you had to say. It also doesn't hurt that you use that great picture of yourself with the silly expression on your face.

I'm glad I ran across your blog and look forward to catching up on what you have to say here and on your political blog. Anyway, enough being so boldly rude. I'll go back to wherever it is that I come from now. :)

Sherpa said...

Thanks. You made me blush a little.

Anyway, welcome to my "real" blog and my "other" blog. I hope they don't bore you to death.

As far as Dan goes--I saw your post this morning and was enlightened to see Dan remove the post on Reagan. Dan's been removed from several websites because of his inflammatory language in regards to politics. That being said, he's a good egg and he's got a great family. Part of the problem I believe is that english isn't his first language. That being said, he writes very well.