Monday, March 12, 2007

There's always someone worse off than you

This weekend I spent most of the time cleaning and organizing my room and hiding inside since I can't take my allergy medicine until I'm over this sinus infection (I was instructed not to give myself a medicine cocktail). This morning talked to my roommate who got back from Utah late last night. I was slammed to the wall from this sinus infection and wheezy lungs--but she revealed that the rash she had on her back was shingles. She had to travel, spend her vacation time etc in Utah with a new case of shingles. Yup, there's always someone in worse shape than you. My poor roommate.


stacer said...

Your doctor really said no allergy meds when suffering from a sinus infection? Strange. Mine has me take MORE antihistamines and asthma meds in the midst of a sinus infection, because they don't drain when my sinuses are inflamed from the allergies (openings get shut off from the allergy swelling and all that fun stuff). Perhaps your infections come from some other source?

Sherpa said...

She told me not to take my prescription allergy med (zyrtec-d) while I was taking the sinus meds. I took a couple of doses of benadryl yesterday and last night. Benadryl helps a lot. I'm not on prednisone now which I'm happy about--but if I don't get the sinuses taken care of, then I get put on prednisone etc. For asthma I'm on advair 250--and have a year prescription.

Yes, mine are allergy induced. there's no doubt that I've got allergy induced sinusitis and asthma.