Friday, March 23, 2007

Memorable Quotes from the latest episode of My Name is Earl on

I could've talked about my latest adventure with a dentist, the total "small world" experience my roommate and I had talking with the sister missionaries over dinner concerning Cindy or blogged about the Magnolia Bakery banana pudding that I made tonight for dinner or shared the recipe. Instead, I'm giving y'all memorable lines from the latest My Name is Earl. Enjoy. Oh, and if they are silly or dumb... I'm on full strength Tylenol 3. Good times.
Earl Quotes

I am an American, McDonalds, Disneyland, Jim Belushi --Catalina

The world is full of sunshine and pink lemonade if you just learn to trust people. –Joy

Fear is just your feelings asking for a hug –Joy

You let some stupid taco cost me the love of my life. –Randy

Looks like a slim jim, tastes like a donut. That’s brilliant – Earl on churros

I’m sorry I swallowed your son. I can throw him up if you want me to.-Randy

What good is a plate if you can’t share it with your neighbor?-Joy

You’re here to help your friend Catalina Tortilla?-80’s Mexican bandit.

All that talk about monkeys at bedtime made me think of Randy.-Earl

After I die, if you ever see a peanut butter and baloney sandwich, eat it because that’s me. –Randy

I ate the soul of a dead child. If you see one grab it. It tastes just like a sandwich. You get to have tickle fights and pee on the floor.—Randy

I’m proud to wear your pants for 14 hours.- 80’s Mexican bandit.

I know I look like a sweetie on the outside but on the inside I’m 100% bitch. I even have a t-shirt that says it. I got it for a Mother’s Day present. –Joy

Leaches—you know they represent hookers and stuff. Just don’t fall in. -80’s Mexican bandit.

Wolverines!!!! -80’s Mexican bandit. (yeah, a total Red Dawn reference)

Intrigued or just want to know what the hell these are all about? Watch online!


amelia said...

in my futile effort to watch the office last night, i caught a few minutes of my name is earl. which few minutes included earl (i'm assuming it was earl) and the 80's mexican bandits discussing earl's friend catalina tortilla and how she turns out to be their cousin/sister. and i was pleasantly surprised at its humor. i'd never seen any of it before. i must admit it wasn't enough to get me over the slump of despair caused by no episode of the office, but at least it dulled the pain.

Cindy said...

What did you say about me? I'm so famous!

SJ said...

I so love this show! My current roommates don't believe in television so I finally got to see the show again this week at my brother's place. Man I miss TV.

Sherpa said...

Amelia--check out Earl sometime online. Its just as funny and even clever as The Office. Different, that's all. 30 Rock though--thats the truly sublime show on NBC.

Cindy--You are famous! and there's now still another person that knows you that I know.

SJ--Its a great show. And you can watch it each week online.

Steve said...

You know, this show came on just as I was leaving the States and I was so bummed to be missing it. Then they started showing it over here last fall and I was so excited. I've seen about three full episodes and another half dozen parts of episodes and I really don't think it's that great. It's better than most things on, but not hilarious or anything. I did laugh out loud once or twice during the last episode, but it's no where near the level of The Office.

Also, I don't get Ugly Betty at all. K thinks it's great and cute, but I find it so boring. And it's not like I don't get the fashion stuff, I'm a loyal Details subscriber, haha.

Sherpa said...

I've probably seen half of Earl--and I enjoy it. Probably because I grew up in a white trash community--and the humor is great...and clever.

As far as being as good as the Office, that's a matter of taste and subjectiveness.

I adored the BBC Office, and think this season of the Office is their best yet.NBC Office is just as good as BBC Office, but BBC Office did more with much less episodes. The Office is funny, and has had its moments of Zen, but Earl is just as funny--its just a different type of humor.

Neither Earl or Office though come close to the silliness and simultaneous intelligence of Arrested. That show was brilliant...30 Rock is the only show on nbc and the only show on the networks that even comes close to Arrested's potential.

Betty is funny. Its clever, its cute, its just a funny, silly telenovela. However, its intelligent enough for me to keep watching.