Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spotlight Music

The Electric Slide

So, the creator of the electric slide was featured on Morning Edition last month. He's considering a suit to protect the artistic integrity of the dance. I think I listened to this story at least twice. If you want to smile and shake your head--just check it out. A favorite highlight is when the interviewer from Morning Edition is asking an attorney about the prospects of the suit.

Indigo Girls
I've been a fan of the Indigo Girls for 12 or 13 years now. 3 of my 4 roommates (the other has no music taste--oh wait, she ends up "stealing" most of my stuff) are fans and two even sing a nice duet of "power of two." Its lovely. Anyway, the Girls put out their best album in at least 10 years last year and it gets pretty heavy play at my house.
Talk of the Nation on NPR (I'm npr heavy today, what can I say?) interviewed Amy and Emily yesterday, the Girls performed three songs off their latest album and then answered questions from listeners. The questions seriously rock---especially the first one. Oh, and two of the Talk of the Nation staffers collaborated on a silly lil' blog that'll make you laugh if you even like the girls one bit.

Pistol Pete

Yeah, this is really about basketball..and the music in the background sucks (I hate that Green Day song thats mixed with Oasis)--but these clips of Pete Maravich are must see--even if you can barely tolerate basketball. Stick with it at least to see him demonstrate the wrist pass. My jaw dropped a little during many of the highlights--I'm sure yours will too.


Trude said...

"you don't get here by wishin"


bestsariah said...

That interviewer was really in his personal space.

Lucy Stern said...

Hey, nothing wrong with that music! He is a great basketball player.

Sherpa said...

I abhor that song by Green Day. And I think I like it even less when its mixed with wonder wall. But yeah, Pete Maravich was amazing. I've heard of him since I can remember--both of my parents talk about him--and the guy from the balkans that played for the Y in the '60s or 70s.

but I think those are the first clips I've seen of him play. Pretty cool stuff.

Sherpa said...

Dainon--where in Mexico are you going to be? Fed exed tacos. Yum! Or you can just take a pic of you eating street tacos--that'll do too.

NoSurfGirl said...

LOVE the girls. My little sister and I do "closer to fine" and "ghost."

Will most definitely be checking out the links (tommorrow. It's too late tonight.) Thank you for posting this! I love NPR-- it provides sanity during my hours of dish-doing.