Sunday, March 04, 2007

Music and Lyrics

I ended up seeing Music & Lyrics last night. Yeah, I didn't hate it. In fact it was cute, and a pretty good romantic comedy. Oh all, the formula pieces of a romantic comedy were there, but the chemistry lifted it up. Oh, and it was fairly witty for a plus. I figured I'd enjoy it, I've been a fan of Drew since she ET, and I've got a soft spot for Hugh too.
Anyway, this is the video that Hugh Grant's character made with his group, "Pop" in the 80's. Oh, and the other lead singer? None other than Scott Porter(Jason Street on FNL) of "Friday Night Lights," The best drama on television. Oh, and Drew and Hugh sing...although both vocals have clearly been doctored a little.


erinannie said...

My favorite line was, "My face is in the butter!" That and the pop ups during the credits. Although I may never get that "Pop Goes My Heart" song out of my head ever again.
I *heart* the 80s.

Sherpa said...

The Pop-ups in the credits were perfect. I didn't realize how much they made up Scott Porter to look like George Michael.

granolagirl said...

That was awesome! Seriously. *nostalgia*
I think I may have to go see this movie.

Trude said...

I loved that movie, saw it two nights in a row, laffed each time. The 80's rocked !

Bonfire said...

I really want to see this... I've just been crazy busy. I heart the 80's

Kipluck said...

I really do want to see this one. I like Hugh, Drew, and the 80s too! (Yes, I was feeling rhymey for no reason.)

Glad to know I probably won't hate it.