Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mad Month of March
I adore everything about March(except for pollen)...Spring makes its blustery entrance, Daylight Savings happens this month now, there's more opportunity to play outside, baseball season approaches rapidly, the trees are about to blossom and I adore March Madness. In 2001, I had to go to Vernal during Spring Break instead of going to Moab with friends. I was trying to land a summer job on a fire crew, and that was the week of interviews. I was a little bitter about it and a little sad--but spring break just happened to be right at the first of the NCAA Basketball tournament.
That week, I watched a lot of basketball, fell in love with the tournament, got a job with a fire crew in Moab--and each year since then I've followed the tourney.
My Utah State Aggies probably won't have a ticket to the dance. My other alma mater, George Mason, will be another wall-flower. However, BYU better make it. Depending on their seed, the Y may make an upset or two. They're good.
Then there's the local teams. I've lived in the DC area for over 5 years and I follow those teams because I read the newspaper. I like Georgetown's coach. I'm not a Maryland fan, but I'll root for them. I've work across the street from the edge of George Washington's campus. Then there's the inexplicable fact that if my roommate's boyfriend is in the house--Virginia Tech basketball seems to be on. I'm looking forward to the tourney.
Last night, I was talking to one of my brothers (which reminds me-I need to call the other) and we were talking about our March Madness pools. So, sign on up if you want to participate. Even if you don't know much about the teams, or even basketball---pools are a lot of fun. If you have a hankering to join, then sign on up!
I'm thinking of next year doing one with a $5 entry fee--but this year, its free and the prize will be......something spectacular from the Great state of VA.

Oh, and Tito? Your prize for being the 30,000th hit on this blog? Will be mailed tomorrow.
Go to the following page and sign up with the following details:
Tournament Page Link:http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com
Group ID: 34725
Password: aggies


Lucy Stern said...

I love spring too, but the tree pollen down here is about to kill me. Bonnie's car is taking on a new color...yellow.

Sherpa said...

You guys have about a 6 week jumpstart on spring on us.

Yeah, I hear you on spring pollen. I'm trying to be proactive and see the doctor this week before it gets in full swing. I've been having crazy sinus headaches and its starting to make me wheezy. Time to nip wheezy in the bud.