Friday, March 30, 2007


Cool things friends and strangers are talking about online:

Dainon declares his love and then curses Jack White—all in the same post. Confused? Well, let me give you a hint—it has to do with Elvis. I clicked on the link where it reports that Jack White is going to play Elvis in a movie and realized Matt Besser and Chris Parnell (two of my boyfriends) are also cast. I get to see both in the same movie? God does love me. John C. Reilly as a Roy Orbison/Johnny Cash character? Tim Meadows, Jenna Fischer, David Koechner, Kristin Wiig, John Michael Higgins are all in this same movie? This film is mecca for semi obscure comedian fans. Now, all it needs is Rachel Dratch in a cameo. Or playing a character based on Tammy Wynette?

Amelia’s sister and brother in law are selling a cookbook where 100% of the proceeds will be given to build more cottages and support children at risk at the Holt Fantana village in Haiti. Click here

Oklahoma Mike has been blogging about his weight loss. Here’s one of his best posts to date.

Erin has been posting recaps and predictions of American Idol. I still have yet to watch this season, but when I read her recaps, its almost as if I’m watching them with her.

Guy over at Messenger and Advocate has been following BYU’s invitation of Dick Cheney to speak at the Y’s Commencement. Interesting stuff.


amelia said...

thanks for the link, sherpa.

as i say on my own blog, i anyone wants me to send information directly to them, please feel free to email me at whilikers at hotmail dot com

and that movie you reference sounds like fun. definitely have to check it out. but i think first i need to go see blades of glory. every review i've heard of it has said it's hilarious. and i have a crush on will ferrell...

amelia said...

(that should say if anyone wants.... i hate it when i make typos)

Trude said...

Jack White .. playing Elvis ?

that's interesting ..

Elvis is a hard part for anyone to play I think. Only because he is such a revered figure that most actors tend to take on the role as one who is 'trying' to act the part of elvis, rather than being elvis .. they think as long as they have the hairdo the outfit and the leg shake, that that is enough .. hmm .. being elvis is rather difficult .. unless one can really get in behind the glitter and fancy outfits ..

I think that Elvis was quite a complex soul .. Jack White seems to be quite a complex soul . . maybe he can harness some of that complexity and bring it to the character which may make it more believable ..

I mean really, noone can do justice to Elvis .. to me they always look like they are impersonators instead ..

but hey I'm a fan, I have great expectations from anyone who tries to play Elvis ..

Dainon said...

Ah, Trudy, you know just how I feel. And that's nice. Keep the torch lit and held high.

Sherpa said...

Amelia--Blades of Glory was great fun. Will is hillarious. Its been a long time I've laughed so hard consistently at a film so dumb.

Sherpa said...

Trudy, I kind of think Jack White will have a small role in whats already a large ensemble comedy lampooning, "Walk the Line."

It'll be very interesting to see Jack's take on Elvis however.