Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spotlight Music

Carol Burnett etc

One of my favorite things to do on Youtube is to enter the name of a favorite comedian/actor/actress/singer (especially if they've been around for a while) and see what I come up. Tonight I did Carol Burnett, a favorite since I was a small child. Enjoy.

Carol Burnett and the incomparable Sammy Davis Jr. singing "every showtune ever"

Carol and doesn't get better than that. The way Dolly feels about Carol? The way I feel about both of them.

Boyfriend Rove

So, my boyfriend Karl Rove was spotlighted at the Annual Correspondents Dinner and he dances...seriously, you have to check this out no matter if you share my love for him or well, think he's Satan....check it out.

Here's another view of this:

Ted Leo

I didn't get a chance to see Ted Leo perform at the 930 club on Thursday. I had tickets (I was able to sell mine) but my lungs had different ideas. I bought his new album about a week ago, and its good--but he should've pared it down from 15 songs to 10. Sometimes more isn't better. Quite a few songs are great--personally, I adore angry, political punk music and Ted fits that description most of the time.

Ted Leo Sons of Cain MP3


Dainon said...

I miss the Sammy. He was a real talent as well. Read his autobiography for the whoooole story (and then some).

Sherpa said...

I've been a fan of Sammy's since I was a small kid. In fact, I liked Sammy before the rest of the Rat Pack. He was something else.