Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring Break!!

Tuesday night after kickball, I arrived home to everyone upstairs awake and doing stuff (it was elevenish). I've got four roommates, and they've all been featured in pix on this blog at various stages. One lives in the basement and four of us share the upstairs (3 bedrooms--yes, two share in an impossibly small room. Maybe if I get their permission, I'll post a pic.). We have a 1 1/2 bathrooms between the four of us, and most of the time it works out. However, even though you have your own separate lives--its a fairly cozy living situation. We all get along (as far as I know) and things are pretty good...however, on Tuesday I realized that I'm going to be the only one upstairs for the weekend. J is going to Utah, K is going to Paris (flights are only 1k for me to join her and her sis) M is going to a motel to stay with her fam that's out visiting. So, it's Spring Break!! I get the upstairs to myself (S, you can come visit). Sure, I'd rather be heading out to Paris with Kell and her sis, but hey I chose a few months ago not to go--and really can't because of work.

Speaking of our bathroom arrangement, last night as I was in the bathroom, I looked at my shelf in the shower and realized it now is storing a spray bottle of kitchen antibacterial spray (like 409) and then I looked down at the tub and there was a tooth brush in the bottom of it. Hmm. If I remember, I'll snap a photo tonight. Roommates are funny.


Guy Murray said...


You mean this isn't your latest photo? ;-)

SJ said...

girl, I wish I could be there. I really need to visit soon. I haven't been back in almost two years now.

Steve said...


Is that one of your roommates in that pic? If so, I am in love!!!!

Sherpa said...

Um, that's Kitty Sanchez from Arrested Development. Do I have to explain the picture?

Steve said...

Perhaps, if there is a hidden joke. I never got a chance to watch Arrested Development and it's never been shown in Europe, thus, I don't know all the inside jokes. Forgive me for being ignorant. :)

Sherpa said...

I don't think Arrested Development would probably translate well over to Europe sensibilities--kind of like how other of our comedic gems don't do to well over there.

Anyway, this is Kitty--she's the biggest villain that the show has-she flashes her girls and in one episode says "spring break!" and then tell all the men (usually michael-the main character of the show to look up at her eyes) Now, when ever I hear the words spring break-I giggle.

This is the same show that calls the girls gone wild videos "girls with low self esteem," that's a big running gag.

Kitty Sanchez

Judy Greer as Kitty SanchezKitty Sanchez is George Bluth Sr.'s fiercely loyal and independent assistant. Kitty is portrayed by Judy Greer.

Kitty maintained a long term affair with George Sr. and a fevered yet brief liaison with Gob, despite the fact that she disgusted him. After George Sr. was imprisoned, Kitty stayed on to work for Michael.

Kitty gained possession of incriminating files during her disappearance. In actuality, she did not disappear, but was working with the police in an effort to gain control of the Bluth company. After arranging a meeting with Michael, she inadvertently admitted that she had proof that George Sr. had built homes overseas without paying taxes.

Despite her intense loyalty to the company, she did not demonstrate the same toward Michael. He tried to fire her, but Kitty and Michael's father both insisted he didn't have that power. Michael attempted to rehire Kitty, but her obstinacy forced him to immediately fire her again. Kitty subsequently disappeared with potentially damaging information, considering her sexual history with her boss. She returned later, claiming she had reformed, gotten into AA, and even has a famous sponsor. She won't say who it is, but she drops some pretty obvious hints of it being an ex-Night Court star; ("It's not Bull. It's not Harry Anderson. And he's white."), a reference to actor John Larroquette for whose show creator Mitchell Hurwitz was once a writer. When last seen, she and Tobias, the state of his marriage still up in the air, had jetted off to Reno, Nevada to pursue a plum spot in the Blue Man Group.

The one constant in every meeting between Michael and Kitty is that she reveals her breasts to him, usually with the comment, "Take a good look, 'cuz it's the last time" or "say goodbye to these, Michael," followed by her insistence that he should look at her eyes rather than her breasts.

Steve said...

Ha, sounds great. I'm going to have to Netflix Season 1 I guess.

Sherpa said...

Cool. When you start putting lines like, "family first-" "hey brother" "tricks are for whores dad," in your blogs--I'll know you've been hit like the rest of us.

Janell said...

I really don't think I'd like to do Spring Break a la Kitty. ;)

There are so many people commenting in your blog who haven't seen Arrested Development! What a shame!

Sherpa said...

Its a little sad how many people don't know the wonder of Arrested.

Hmm, Kitty certainly had some memorable spring breaks.