Monday, April 09, 2007


I like having a stat counter on my blog. About this time last year, I took it off for a while--but I brought it back because I think its fun to see how many people stumble across it--and its cool to see where they are located and what key terms they use to get to this blog. I also get a kick out of raw data (I'm showing my modest stats background here). Anyway, The last day people googled the following and came to my blog:

nationals female wrestling tournament 2007
classically handsome christian bale
rachael yamagata time machine
tom waits demo mp3
tina fey jason sudekis

As you can see, its a fairly diverse list (and the last one watched 30 Rock last week). Its also fun to see what other people look up on google.

Oh, sure I tease a couple of friends when they get a little carried away about their sitemeter, but that doesn't mean I don't think its a cool site. Well, the past 3 weeks, I've discovered something a little odd. The past year, I average probably 50-76 hits with about 30-40 visitors a day. Nothing too phenomenal. Well, the three weeks, I'm getting 90-260 hits with 60-200 visitors a day. The funny thing about it is my repeat visitor list has declined at the same time. What's perplexing is 80% of the visitors are from google images. I guess I've downloaded several pictures on here that individuals keep clicking on. It's bizarre. So, anyway I feel a little like my little private party has been crashed--but at the same time this blog is online--for anyone to stumble on, and at the same time it amuses me how I'm just wanted for the pictures I post on here. Better than being wanted only for my body. ;)


Jesse said...

Stats are more than just interesting when you do your own hosting. I've used our site stats to catch more than a few content theives, find that someone from Qwest was stalking me after I spoke in front of the Legislature and figured out that our monthly traffic necessitated moving to a real web server.

I too have noticed a semi-recent uptick in the number of people finding their way to us from Google searches. Search engine visitors used to be about 17% of our visits; now it's more around 24%. Maybe they've been more aggressive in their indexing lately.

One of these days, just for kicks, I'm going to answer some of the search results in a post. After all, there are people desperate to know how to fix their swamp cooler and if tilapia tastes like dirt. I can't let them go empty-handed.

Sherpa said...

Eh, see even if I was doing my own hosting--it would still just be interesting to me. This isn't my first "website." I don't care who visits my blog, even if its a stalker-or if someone steals my content. I did see that my director at work might have been on my blog, but there's really nothing here to discipline me on. Maybe if I had content worth stealing on here, I would care, but I don't. But that's just me.

Yeah, Its been about 3 weeks since Google picture searches have taken over my blog. Its been going on for a year, but its just for

bestsariah said...

Me too with all the Google images. I like reading the regular old Google searches though. I would say most of mine are for EEG results. Google that. I bet you'll find my blog pretty quickly.

Steve said...

I get the most random things on mine as well. Lots of times it's for places I have been and there is little online in English about (eg Yerevan, Baku, etc.), but other times it doesn't even make sense. I've been thinking of doing a post about this same topic for awhile now. My favorite search that came up MORE than once was 'big gay steves blog'. Oh well, it worked! haha. Oh, and I too have an ex-gf at GWU that stalks me and reads 2-3 times a week. Annoying, especially since she always uses her bookmark which is slightly wrong, haha.