Friday, April 06, 2007

Spotlight Music

Yeah, there's three subjects in this music I thought I'd never blog about(Bo Bice, Christian Rock, Phantom of the Opera). ever. However, since its Easter weekend, forgive me for this discretion.

Blades of Glory
I caught Blades of Glory last weekend with several friends. It's been a long time since I've laughed so hard at a movie so dumb. I never thought I'd say it, but Jon Heder is pretty. Just as long as he doesn't talk so much (He should never make a . Oh, and there's the best kiss ever in this movie. You know, there's few comics that make really unlikeable characters endearing. Will is one of them. And like Amelia, I have a crush on Will. It's true.

Yes, its Bo Bice. Yes, the song sucks--but Will and Heder actually make it worth it. Almost.

To purge Bo Bice from your ears, here's a little Will singing Phantom of the Opera on Letterman.

Okay, if you're like me--you kind of pretty much hate Phantom (I'm a big musicals fan--just not this one); so here's a little "afternoon delight" with the guys--from what's perhaps Will's best "intelligent stupid" comedy yet.

Amelia, I hope these feed your crush.

Christian Rock Concert.
I never thought I'd ever say these words, but I fell a little in love last night at a Christian Rock Concert. Twice. Okay, let me back up. I've never been one for Christian rock or even Christian contemporary music (including LDS contemporary music except for the Gladys Knight gospel stuff and maybe the first album of one other artist). About 3 weeks ago Boo invited me to go see Jars of Clay. I thought, what the heck, that sounds interesting--their first album was alright. I downloaded some of there albums and listed to Good Monsters first and thought--hey this doesn't suck, its actually decent. And then I listened to The Eleventh Hour and forced my way through 3 songs. I was hoping they played mostly their oldest stuff and Good Monster (which they did).
Anyway, we got to the show and the first band, Burlap to Cashmere, was two guys with acoustic guitars. They said they were both Greeks from Brooklyn, and there music was heavily influenced by their heritage. Imagine a heavily greek song with lyrics straight out of the New Testament? The music rocked, the two together (even though the NT is originally Greek) was bizarre. They had a song called, "Instructions on leaving Earth," that I was really hoping was about astronauts--or was at least a little ironic--but um, all it was a scripture stating that Jesus was our Savior. After the first show I was a little scared for the rest of the show.

The second act was, "Need to Breathe," and although their name reeks of, um emo-christian rock, they were good musicians. AND, their music wasn't all about God, and Jesus Christ. Their lead singer? Totally cute. I found myself really enjoying myself and digging the lead singer (the one in the leather jacket).

Then came Jars of Clay. Their music was good, and they put on a good show. Their lead singer sounds better live than he does on the albums--although when he sang the slow songs--his movements were a little weird. The lead guitarist? My second crush of the night. Short, slight, longish hair, and the moves (the one in the green jacket in the pickle picture)? It was Sherpa eyecandy the whole time they were on. Boo had a thing for the other guitarist so it was totally cool. However, the crowd was interesting. Both Boo and I felt like outsiders (even though we are both Christians--the Evangelical scene is foreign to us). It was a little like being in a foreign country. During one of the slow songs there was a guy standing up the whole time (everyone was seated) with his eyes on the sealing and he was swaying. I noticed a few people doing the head raised to the ceiling with the arms up and both palms facing outside. I'd have to say, I've never seen that at a concert. Ever. But then there was several things I'd never seen at a concert. It was definitely a new experience--and one that I think allows me to understand the evangelical Christian set a little more. Anyway, it was a great time. Thanks again Boo!

Foo Fighters

I've been in love with Dave Grohl and the Foo for more than a decade but early last year, I experienced a bit of a burnout. I felt over the Foo Fighters, and was really hoping that when Dylan was touring with various rock bands (Foo, Raconteurs, and Kings of Leon) he wasn't touring with the Foo, but the Raconteurs when he hit the DC area. Well, I got my wish, and I really hadn't thought a whole lot about Dave and the guys (or listened to him) until I noticed that Heather over on I am Fuel, You are Friends, had a dvd audio rip of the Foo's Hyde Park DVD show. I listened, and it all came back. I'm no longer over Foo. I sent it to Kelli and she responded back saying, " Dave is mine - you can have Taylor. Wait a minute, I want Taylor. Wait - I want them both. You can have Brendon Benson." Um yeah, I've got a nice friend. She won't even "give me" the hottest drummer in rock. Anyway, If it strikes your fancy, check it out. (the audio files? total language warning).

Oh, and its a little sad that it was a guy who recognized Taylor Hawkin's backside. He's the blonde thats second in line in the pic of the Foo on this post.


amelia said...

i've got to get out and see that movie. it looks hilarious.

and i love it when will ferrell sings. my favorite oscar moment this year was his song with jack black and john c. riley (joining from the audience). totally cracked me up.

for your viewing pleasure.

bestsariah said...

I sure had fun on your blog today.

stacy said...

I grew up in a very evangelical-heavy area and most of my cousins are evangelicals. They tend to do the arms-raised thing from time to time--in that culture, it's a sign of feeling the Spirit. Though I must say that I can't help but find amusing what the more cynical of my cousins call that, "putting up your antenna for the Spirit."

Dainon said...

Burlap to Cashmere totally rules.

NoSurfGirl said...

Hoooly cow, sooo happy to see ferrell making fun of diamond. I'm not sure I want to see the movie. I'm sort of afraid I might be cringing through most of it, not just cuz of dirtyness, but because I just don't really can't stomach the thought of napoleon in a fairy costume.


Sherpa said...

Amelia-you are such a dream come true the past week. I've been wanting to see that video at the Oscars, but hadn't gotten around to finding it online. It was awesome. Full disclosure: I may have a crush on all three of those guys.

Stacy- yeah, it was seriously weird seeing people praying in church. I figured that must be what was going on, but it was a little uncomfortable seeing it up close and personal. Attenna for the spirit? That's awesome.

Dainon-I just knew you were a Burlap to Cashmere groupie. ;)

Nosurfgirl--He's a peacock, not a fairy, not a fairy! But yeah, the subtle homoeroticism of the movie is a little unnerving if you're sensitive to that sort of thing. Its hillarious though--but not for all.

Steve said...

I actually owned Jars of Clay's first album; on cassette!!! :) But I can't really get into rocking out to God. Like if I want to rock, I don't want to be thinking about Luke 3:10 or whatever, ya know?!? haha. But if God does have a band, it's totally a rock band, except on Sundays when he plays acoustic shows.

ShaBANG said...

OooOOooo! Jars of Clay in concert. I bet you loved it!

Boo said...

I loved your post on the concert. Your description was far superior to mine. I am so glad you had a nice time.