Monday, July 06, 2009

Political Roundup: Patriotic Pride Edition.

Man Set me Up
One perk about living in VA, but working in DC, is that I have front row seats to the Marion Berry Show, but he's not one of my elected officials. The latest caper? Arrested on stalking charges Saturday night. Seriously. DC's former infamous Mayor is still his own sad stranger than fiction 3-ring circus. And yes, even after all of the drug problems of the '80s and '90s, he was elected several years ago to the DC City Council.

Rock-Bottom Republicans

When Rush Limbaugh is the de-facto leader of the Republican Party, it's pretty easy to say the Party has hit rock-bottom. But after this past week? I'm pretty sure we haven't seen bottom yet.
Sarah Palin has all but declared her 2012 presidency. Even though I'm first to admit that she's been an unfair media target (about half of it has been self-inflicted), her style of poltics is way too reactionary for my tastes.
The party is going to be fractured even more if she does run, if that's possible. Which is a boon for the Democrats, but this country needs two strong political parties.
Now with Palin in the mix, and one of their possible 2012 contenders sounding more like a Harlequin Romance writer than a governor, well-I'm not sure this week was rock-bottom for the Republicans. I'm afraid we're going to see more implosions from the Republicans, before the Republican party re-emerges.
That being said, Gov. Marc Sanford--after this past week, it's clear who the political mind is in your family. You didn't get where you were on your own brains sir, or you must've left them in Argentina. Has anyone else noticed Jenny Sanford's fashion taste this past week? Kudos to her!


Steve said...

I'll never understand "Mayor For Life" and how people will vote for him. Although, I think he could be facing trouble the next election, especially with the gay marriage issue.

As for Palin, I agree with you. It is clear she is going to take the next two years to take a Civics 101 and Geography 102 class. However, it doesn't change the fact that due to her own actions she and her family will be watched by the media and on paper, she STILL has no practical experience to be in Washington. Romney must be loving all of this!

Sanford's wife proves that the wife of a politician is OFTEN the brains behind the scenes.

chartie said...

I remember being in Subway resaurant in the Eastern Market area about five years ago when Marion Berry walked in. He was with a large bodyguard, who approached the Subway employee and quietly said: "Mr. Barry would like a free sandwich." The employee looked a little confused and the bodyguard, a little agitated, repeated the request and told the employee that if Mr. Barry did not get a free sandwich, that he would have to take it up with the owner and that the employee could lose his job. The employee finally relented and made a free sandwich to Mr. Barry's liking.

I lost any respect I still held for that man (which, admittedly, was not much) at that moment. I would think that a former mayor and current city councilman would want to help local businesses succeed by actually paying for the meal and showing his support for the business. Instead, he was basically using bullying tactics to get a free sandwich from a constituent business.

I thought it was extremely poor taste.

Lucy Stern said...

I'll never understand how anyone could vote for Br. Berry.... What a loser...

Sarah Palin has made a big mistake in leaving her post as govenor...All she shows me is that she can't stick to one job at a time. I'm liking her less and less.

I still think Mitt or Newt could come in and make a run for it in 2012.

Putz said...

heaven help us if mutt geets back in the a mormon i am so against him and his war mongering postures and his boys who won't fightalthough i don't blame them} if you really want in 20 honest ways see how i really feel about everything go to my most recent blog...hasn't been so good till i got into the raider's of the lost art movie reviews...remember sherpa

Anonymous said...

I see no reason to attempt to put Sarah Palin's decision under microscopic examination. McCain chose her because she is a maverick - & that has not changed. She is not a Washington politician & that is OK!

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Anon - Uhm, she is a politician and public figure (ie elected to public office) so she SHOULD be under a microscope. As for being a Washington outsider, that is one of several reasons why she did and will continue to fail. Washington is NOT Wasilla, even if they are close to each other alphabetically. You have to understand things beyond building a baseball field and dealing with meth addicts to run a country. Running Alaska is one of the easier states to run. Most mayors have more problems to deal with.

Sherpa said...

Steve-The difference between Sanford's wife and many other wives is she hasn't stood next to him-she gave him space to blabber, and kill his own career.

As far as Barry goes, the demographics of his Ward is changing. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a harder time getting reelected mostly because his constituents aren't the same ones who first elected him.

Chris-Wow, that story reveals a lot about Barry's character. What a jerk!

Lucy-Yeah, it'll be interesting to see who emerges to run in 2012.