Tuesday, July 07, 2009


1)4th of July

My bureau coordinators and I put on a Department of the Interior Length of Service Ceremony several hours before the fireworks go off on the 4th of July. The cool part? A meal and a roped off place to see the fireworks with 600 or so Interior employees and guests. Not to mention, one of the best places in DC (if not the best place according to a few locals I know) to see the fireworks display. Oh, the event went off fine, I even thought to snap a few pictures, which hasn't happened before.
Secretary Ken Salazar with recipient

M. Allen leading the audience in the National Anthem

2) Web Site Story

There's few musicals whose soundtrack is better than West Side Story in my world, and this parody hits most of the right notes. The best part? It's really not that over the top. I know people whose lives are like this. Me? I'm hoping I never am this tuned into the net. ;)

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Lucy Stern said...

It really is well done... I love West side Story, so how can I not like this?