Friday, August 14, 2009

Death and Dinosaurs

I've realized that if I ever live out here in rural Utah permanently, my blog is going to be mostly about Utah for a while. But, there's worst things to talk about I guess. Really, I think it means that I've been away from here long enough that the oddities of this state are more apparent.
Anyway, I find myself loving reading the newspaper. Now, I follow the news when I'm in DC, but reading the Deseret News and Vernal Express are treats. My favorite part in both newspapers? The obituaries. I know it sounds morbid, but I enjoy reading about what their families choose to include in the obituaries. Word choice is a favorite also. I admit though, I do find myself mentally rewriting the obituaries often.

Moving from obituaries, I find myself being amazed a little at the article content in the Deseret News. Utah really still has a small town mentality that's kind of fun. Case in point: yesterday's Metro front page article was an interview with the gentleman who dresses Rex. For those not familiar with Rex, he's the 23 foot dinosaur that greets people from the west side of town (Dinah bats her eyelashes at visitors at the east side) . Glade Allred has been dressing the dinosaur for holidays and special events. He's worn cupid wings, a Santa cap, a cowboy hat and other assorted accessories for corresponding holidays and special events for the past 10 years or so (the article seems to indicate that Rex has dressed up for nearly 20 years, but that's not true--it's only been a regular event for about 10 years or less). Needless to say, the costumes aren't the same every year and tourists and residents alike look forward to when Rex changes costumes. Seeing a 23 foot dinosaur dressed up is sure to thrill your inner 6 year old.


Brenda said...

I have GOT to move to Vernal.

Sherpa said...

Vernal is pretty great. I'll give it that.