Sunday, September 20, 2009

Roundup: Whoop, Whoop Whoopie Pie Edition

1) Kelli and I went up to Lancaster County yesterday to a Whoopie Pie Festival. We didn't make the festival until the tail-end of the festival, but still had a great time. Ever see a 250 lb whoopie pie? Those things are huge. We also found a pottery shop that is one of the coolest shops I've been to out there.
Lancaster County is gorgeous-the Amish were harvesting feed corn but did I take any pictures? Oops. Taken October, 2007

2) A blog I read had a post about a Faces of World War II project that is currently ongoing. The photographer is a 24 year old who has been traveling the country taking pictures of World War II vets. Pretty amazing stuff. He photographs the men and women in their uniforms, or with their army issue equipment.

3) Actual sentence from Dan Brown's new book, "The Lost Symbol":

"His massive sex organ bore the tattooed symbols of his destiny" ...


Okay, now that I've pointed example 353 of Dan Brown's horrible writing, yes I'll probably read this book. Will I give it a four star rating? We'll see. Brown's books are fun even though that man needs a new editor and/or a 12 week English bootcamp course from Mrs. Hawkins.

4) I'm not going into the details about how this was leaked (maybe there is a use for Twitter) but President Obama calling Kanye West a jack-ass for that stunt at the VMA's? Obama went up a notch in my book.

5) I had my first xolair shot two weeks ago. Two of my closest friends have both commented that I seem better than I did before the shot. You aren't really supposed to feel the effects until a month after a shot, but I feel better. I rode my bike to work 3 days in a row and hadn't been able to do that since October of last year.


Brenda said...

I agree about the Pres, and I'm glad that you have been able to ride your bike again. Best health wishes.

Brenda said...

Oh, and one more thing regarding Dan Bown's writing about sex organs... Shudder.

erinannie said...

I have not yet gone to pick up my own copy of the book, but I will soon. However, my dad called me to discuss some serious editing flaws. Starting with something about flying into DC, seeing the massive obelisk out of the window, and then landing... at Dulles? What?
And then driving INTO DC, and yet somehow the Jefferson was on the left, and the Lincoln was to the right as he crossed Memorial Bridge.
So unless his sense of direction is as bad as mine inside the city, he's got some major editing and factual issues going on there.

Steve said...

Erinannie - Maybe he was driving in reverse? haha.

Sherpa - Oh, you need to give me Lancaster tips! I think we are doing a Columbus Day weekend up there?!?!

Sparklebot said...

What is a whoopie pie? Sounds dirty.

Richard and Nicole said...

lungs + xolair = friends. hooray for happy lungs. yeah...what is a whoopie pie. I agree about the pres. Someone at work is trying to get me to read the dan brown books. im just not into the zillogy books (harry potter - vampires - LOTR - whatever) - i used your blog as defense for not reading them. LUVS

Putz said...

bless your sweet little asmatic heart