Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Sherpa said...

RIP Patrick Swayze

I've always liked Patrick Swayze. Oh, as an actor he had limited range, (remember that film with Keanu Reeves?) but he danced well and there's some movies that I sit down and watch because of him.

I'll admit, Dirty Dancing is not in my top 100 films, but when I started thinking about my favorite Swayze films, that wasn't on the list. No, I'm an Outsiders girl. I even own the movie. Oh sure, it's campy (and DD isn't), but I loved the novel in elementary school, and the B list 80's all-star cast is fun to watch.
Then there's To Young Foo. Swayze's performance is one of the things I really remember from that film.
When I read yesterday that he didn't take pain medication while he was filming "The Beast," my respect for this actor went up a notch.

Steve said...

How can you not like Point Break?!?! That is a classic. I do like To Young Foo, but my favorite is probably Roadhouse!

One of my favorite things about him as an actor is that he often showed up as bit parts in other movies, which to me showed that he was down to earth and didn't let an ego get in the way of his craft. Few stars are like that. He was one of a kind!

Sherpa said...

Point break is awesomely bad. Every film with Keanu Reeves as the lead except for Bill and Ted's kind of sucks. Yes, I'm talking about the Matrix.

Smash said...

He was a great man AND a great lady.

adamf said...

Wha? No Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? No Lakehouse? No Replacements? ... okay you may be right, but there is something about Keanu that makes me unable to stop watching his movies, especially the final fight between Neo and Smith in Matrix 3... still brings tears to my eyes.

Re: Swayze, it's totally cliche to mention the skit with Chris Farley, but that was my favorite thing he did. Beyond classic.