Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Smuggling: Kelli and I decided to watch a light movie on Labor Day since the weather was rainy and we’ve been watching dark, depressing movies lately. We chose “My One and Only,” based loosely on George Hamilton’s life. Right before we left for the theater a peach cobbler that I made came out of the oven. Kelli suggested we take it with us to the theater. Needless to say, the whole theater smelled of peach cobbler. What’s the craziest food you smuggled into the movies?

Pinstripes: Wednesday Kelli and I went to see the Yanks play Baltimore at Camden Yards. Great game, and holy cow CC Sabathia is huge. He’s a big guy!

Xolair: I had my first Xolair shot on Friday. I got a shot on the top of my thighs in each leg. I didn’t react to the shot at all but got to stay in the Doctor’s office for 3 hours after the shot.

Pulitzer Prize: Whoever decides to write about a 3 day period in 620 pages should be shot. I’m reading 1947’s Pulitzer Prize winner write now and I’m trudging through it by will-power alone.

Football: I’m a little sad football season has started. I like 2A High School football, but other than that? I'm a casual fan-and the starting of football season means baseball is only a month or so from wrapping up. However, I was pleased to hear about BYU's win. Of course, I heard the news in Fast and Testimony meeting.


Richard and Nicole said...
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Richard and Nicole said...

you had to stay in the docs office for 3 hours??!!

agreed on the football. at least it didn't intrude on your weekend until sunday.

that book sounds absolutely terrible! what is it about? this persons every fleeting thought?

i usually bring my own popcorn into the theater. which isn't too crazy i guess, but actually quite awkward to bring and not so good when it's cold.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about your appointment Friday. When can you expect to notice any possible improvement?

JD said...

haven't been frequenting here as often as i should. i think after you moved URLs i didn't update my reader or something. anyway, i'll continue to stay updated now.

are you in the DC-area now? pardon my lack of memory...

Janette said...

Personally, I'm enjoying Davy's 5th grade football. They're 3-0 and fun to watch! Of course, it might just be a Mom thing?!?