Monday, October 26, 2009

Roundup: SasSquirrel Edition

1) This weekend included the movie "Whip It!" I was hoping the film would be pretty good, and I cracked up a lot. The story was cute, the acting solid and it was fun. Drew Barrymore is on a roll after her stellar performance in "Grey Gardens," and she shows great promise as a director.

2) Friday, I went on a hunt for an albino squirrel on the National Mall. No minature Yeti was sighted lasty week, we'll see if I go back to confirm the first initial sighting.

What DC's albino squirrel may look like....Looks like a cousin of Bunnicula.

3) The Yankees finally exorcised the Angels, winning in 6 games. Although the Angels were pesky as always, the Yankees played superior ball. Now onto the Phillies on Wednesday.

4) Yesterday was the annual Del Ray Parade. Since I have no dog or child yet, I didn't enter the parade-but had a great time watching the spectacle. The categories were pets (highlights were the lobster-bulldog, elephant chihuaua etc.), children and adults, and strollers. This family won the stroller competition. If you're in Alexandria next year, you should check it out!


Jillian said...

If we are getting busy with the work of exorcisms, I think the albino squirrel should be on the list!


Steve said...

With all the squirrels in our neighborhood, I'm surprised we don't have one looming around. We did have a raccoon on our back porch a couple weeks ago!

The parade was great! Where did you watch it? We were in between Del Ray and Custis. SA was sick, so we only put her in a pumpkin onesie and watched. The winning stroller was so cute, I think the boy won it for them! I remember seeing them distinctly. I also thought the football player bulldog was pretty cute.

Sparklebot said...

Wasn't Grey Gardens SO GOOD? I loved it. I haven't gotten to see Whip It yet, but it's on my list.

I just read an article about Barrymore and Page in Marie Claire and it kind of weirded me out. But, I'm trying to move past it.

Sherpa said...

Steve-We were on the corner of Howell and Mt. Vernon in front of the chocolate shop.


I loved Grey Gardens. I didn't think it was possible to be just as good as the documentary, but it was stellar.

What did the article say about Page and Barrymore. Do I want to know?

Putz said...

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