Sunday, November 15, 2009

30 Rock: Into the Crevasse

Memorable Quotes
"Another Successful interaction with a man."--Liz

Last weekend I picked up this girl after practicing Jedi Moves at Prospect Park. Took her home on the handlebars of my bike, snuck her inside past my mom, she sees my mint condition Hell boy action figure and she starts quoting your damn book."--Frank

"I did Big Sister in College. That little girl taught me how to use tampons."--Liz

"Punish You? I've always wanted to film a student werewolf movie in Iceland where I'm filling in last minute for Victoria Beckham."

"It was a year ago that you kicked me to the curb. I began plotting my revenge that very day. I knew I needed to align myself with something bigger than GE and since American Idol's not on until January, that left the United States Government."--

"You probably don't know this, because you've never played a moonologist, but werewolves only come out at night.--Janna
Yes I remember that from the Thriller Video.--Liz
Too soon."--Tracy
"Volunteers need to adopt a dog, it's like God backwards."--Sign

"All I need from you is one idea that's as good as the lightbulb."--Jack

"Since I have neither the time or the energy, to pretend your problem is a real problem, I will cut the baby in half."--Jack

Random Thoughts
Dr. Spaceman has a book?!? Oh, look at Chris Parnell's cute mug! :30 seconds in and this episode rocks.
Mr. Geiss is a Fonzie fan.
A bus to Washington? The JC Penney's lapel cover?
"Doin' the Microwave..jabba wabba wabba"
Pants for Zoo animals and Big Brother, huh?
Will Arnett! Will Arnett!
Will Arnett is BFF with Malia? Awesome.
"I will adopt all of them."
7 minutes in, and this episode is even more hectic than usual.
Laser shield, cold pizza, laser gun, Gay Ireland. I love when Will Arnett and Jack confront each other.
Seriously, Arnett and Baldwin confronting each other is awesome.
Wow, talk about a hilariously silly episode. Great episode!

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Sparklebot said...

It was awesome. But, you need to catch up!