Sunday, November 08, 2009

30 Rock: Season 4

I haven't "reviewed" an episode of 30 Rock since March 2. I've got a little case of bronchitis and I'm trying to fill a void that used to be filled by baseball (sad, but true)--- so here's my review of the season premiere. And yes, this may be the only episode I've watched so far.


Memorable Quotes
"Hello everyone, I'm so happy to see all of you and welcome you to Season 4, which is the number one restaurant in New York," --Jack

"I can't eat these, I'm a foodie."--Tracy

"The best way for a female to get heat in this industry is to record a country album or have a lesbian relationship."--Jenna

"We'll trick those race car lovin' wide loads into watchin' your lefty homoerotic propoganda hour yet!-Jack
Well, you don't just like anybody, do you?"-Liz
"Well..." --Jack

"We're reaching out to the rest of the country. Our new mammogram machine is called Get 'er done 2000."--Jack

"Excuse me sir, do you want to hold hands with a black millionaire?"--Tracy?

"Pete and I are intercoursing each other."--Liz

"I don't need this job. I can get a job tomorrow in the air force."--Josh

"Once I'm vested, I'm outta here." --Dot Com

"Tell me what to do.....Nixon."--Jack

Where's the bar?-Jack
"There's a bar in the shower that was installed by the previous tenant. He still died in there though." --Kenneth
When people look at you, they see who they want to be. When people look at me they see who they are.
Sir, you look like the mall santas when they come back from lunch."--Jack

"Kiss my a$$ new york, it's tennis night!--Jenna

"Step into the light, Lemon, there's nothing wrong with being fun and popular and giving people what they want. Ladies and gentlemen-- Jay Leno."--Jack

Season 4! Season 4! Jack's intro was pretty much awesome. Why is Alec Baldwin so hilarious?
Oh, Tracy's stand up? Awesome.
Oh, Jenna.
Tracy actually burning money? Nice.
Oh, Jack just said Comrade Obama. Nice.
Is Kenneth speaking Pig Latin?
Oh, love the Payroll Department!!
Hmm, Pete and Liz are "great" at lying.
Moby is a dear friend of Tracy's?
Josh! He was finally mentioned!
Jack is Mr. America. Yes, he is.
I always like when the Private Investigator shows up, or should we say, "The Chameleon."
Pete and Liz are still great at lying. Awkward.
The rubber chicken hanging on the wall of the writers room? Kind of cool.
Pete's wife's proposition. Even more awkward.
The lead-in to Josh? That was great. Everyone helping him with the table? Nice. I'm a tiny bit sad to see Josh go however.
Mall Santas?
Private Investigator guy in a wig? Silly fun.
Poor Kenneth, but the scenes between Jack and Kenneth are some of the best on the show.
Ah, Tennis night.

All in all this episode wasn't bad. Not one of my top ten, but still a lot of fun, and as always-a great mix of low and highbrow comedy. The last line by Jack? Awesome.

Let's end this post with, "Tennis Night!"


Steve said...

You need to watch these LIVE! haha. This season has gotten off to a good start and the one last week (#3? for the season) was laugh out loud funny. Oh, and wait until your next episode if you like cast members in wigs..... ;-)

30 Rock has become my favorite show, although The Office is making a strong comeback with its funniest season in awhile. BTW, YOU need to watch Parks and Recreation. It's the same subtle comedy as 30 Rock, but set inside a government institution! Perfect for g-(wo)men like us!

Sparklebot said...

I'm glad you're catching up. I'm excited for you to see the next few episodes. Some GREAT one-liners, such as "a book hasn't given me this much trouble since Where's Waldo went to that Barber shop pole factory!"

Salt H2O said...
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Salt H2O said...

Thanks Steve! I've been trying to figure out who actually watches Parks and Recreation!

Steve said...

Salty - Have you watched it? It's hilarious! Even my wife likes it a lot. It has some of the best supporting characters since The Office debuted!

Sherpa said...

Steve-Right now watching a show live doesn't really work because the signal keeps going in and out. I'm tempted to spend 70 dollars for the better attennae, but not really. I have other priorities (like a balance board for my wii or a monitor for my computer).

I have watched an episode or two of "Parks and Rec." It totally cracked me up! The one where she gets the underage intern drunk? Awesome!

Smash-Thanks. Oh, I love, love that line! I can't wait!

Salt-My daily work-life is a sitcom every day. Even more so than most people, I think because of the personality types etc. out here in DC. It's kind of awesome, really.

Steve-I've noticed that it shows promise. I should start watching it a little more.