Saturday, November 07, 2009

Great Full

Last night I read an article about a women who was diagnosed with MS.  She wallowed in a state of misery until a friend told her that the only way she could heal was to reach out to others.  This friend told her to give away 29 gifts in 29 days.  The women continued to feel sorry for herself, but tucked the advice away and eventually tried it. Lo, and behold she started to feel better.  She then went on to create a website and wrote a book about this piece of advice.  Oh sure, she's not cured-she has an uncurable disease- but she's managing her disease better, and able to live with it-and the attitude change contributed. 

This afternoon, I was told to call my 88 year old Grandmother to get the final score for the South Summit Football Game (My "baby" cousin is on the team and they're in the playoffs).  I didn't want to because she can't hear well, and it was an effort to talk today.  But I swallowed my self-centeredness and gave her a call. As I was talking to my grandma, she told me "I don't understand football well, but I'm going to get the hang of the game."  My grandma's mental capacity isn't what it used to be, and even though this cousin isn't the first family member to play high school football (both of her sons played, and she used to go to BYU games with us sometimes), I really admired her attitude. 

This isn't the only story I have of my grandma and attitude or of determination.  Oh no, I could fill a book, or at least a novella with stories, but it struck me today that even though she's not the same as she was, one of the things that she's still got is her attitude and determination.  That's pretty cool, if you ask me. 

This is my Grandma

My grandma and grandpa with 3 of her 5 children.  My mom is the girl my grandma is holding, the other girl is my Aunt Hannah and the little boy that seems to be talking to the toy car is my Uncle John. The other 2 boys hadn't been born yet, I'm guessing. I believe my grandma is about 35 in this picture.





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Anonymous said...

Just as you feel an emptiness when baseball season is over (or when the Yankees are finished - whichever comes first or simultaneously), Grandma will feel a void when she no longer has a grandson playing football. Luckily, Chance has one more year. LV MOM