Friday, November 06, 2009

Jane Goodall and Pedometers: Just another week in the office

I don't think I talk about my job much here on the blog.  I work in Human Resources for the Department of the Interior (Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs etc).  At least that's what I tell most people.  I've had this job for four years, and just a year ago both my mother and best friend asked what is it that you do again?  Needless to say, the explanation took several minutes.  Either or I'm not eloquent, or it's kind of complicated. 

Anyway, my office is the Policy and Guidance office for Human Resources for the Department of the Interior and we're under the Policy, Management and Budget Assistant Secretary and part of the Office of the Secretary (that might be too much Fed govt. lingo right there, oops).  We don't actually process human resource actions, each of my counterparts in my office are responsible over Human Resource programs.  I'm over Work-Life programs (health benefits, awards, leave, childcare subsidy, wellness etc.).  If any of the bureau or office Human Resource Offices of the Department (see incomplete list in the first sentence) have any policy or procedure questions, they come to my office.  My office also works closely with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  When OPM needs data for their annual reports to Congress, they come to my coworkers and I to get the data from the bureaus and offices.  If there's new laws or policy issued from OPM, my office issues the data to OPM.  In addition to these tasks, we also issue Department Specific policy and procedure, as needed.  A lot of my time is spent writing policy and making sure it follows OPM guidance, the Code of federal regulations and Public Law. 

As the Awards Coordinator for the Department, I don the event coordinator cap twice a year.  I'm in charge of two Secretarial events a year, one is a formal event, and the other is a few hours before the fireworks on the 4th of July.  The formal event takes several months of planning, and I work with 50-75 people to pull off the event. I also answer random awards questions, and "consult" about awards during the year.  Just yesterday, I was asked about how the Department could honor Jane Goodall. 

Since the Obama Administration took office in January, I've been even busier than I was before.  Wellness and work-life has been a focus, and we're working on several initiatives that will benefit not only the Department but the Federal Government  and the American Public.

One of the initiatives we've been working on is a wellness-campus project.  Three Government agencies are consolidating their services (which will save money) and also working together to provide more wellness services to employees so the workforce will be healthier, more productive, and retain employees etc.  Interior's kick-off for the wellness campus is a 5 week team walking challenge which I'm coordinating.  The challenge might be considered "fluff" but I think it'll be successful, and people will get into it. 

Anyway, here's a lot more than you'll ever want to know about my job, I'm sure.  Needless to say, I enjoy it most days. I've learned a ton, and working at Interior is challenging, that's for sure. I am lucky enough to work with a lot of great, great people and it's a pleasure to serve the employees of the Department of the Interior.  

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Steve said...

Hey, I think about you almost every morning! NO, not THAT way, haha. I drive past your office every morning when I make a left off of 21st onto C, go over the speed/pedestrian bump, then make a right down 20th. I always wonder if I am going to see you on your bike or have to swerve to miss you in the bump! But I think you make it into work before I do! :)